Becoming BOUNDLESS: Rebranding & Reinvigorating Non Profit Industry Support

Jordan Campbell, Chief Strategy Officer | Fundraising Auctioneer | Host

Boundless Impact Agency

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February 2020

Unpredictable, confusing, contemplative and disruptive. These are but a few of the many words we could use to describe the state of play in 2020, not only in the world of non profits & fundraising, but in the world itself as a whole.

Entire industries have been upended, lives irrevocably altered, and the future uncertain. As a fundraising agency that creates impact for non profits, it was time to reevaluate how we were going to tackle this huge problem. After all, our hearts and souls center around our passion for supporting causes, driving them forward in their journey to make a lasting fundraising impact.

At first, we approached the year with that same sense of worry and uncertainty. If there are no physical fundraising auctions, how will we serve our non profit clients as they strive to serve their causes and communities? How could we possibly help to continue to create impact in their communities, on their revenues and on their stories? To be honest, it was a tall order. A foggy and daunting proposition. What were we to do?

A team regroup was needed. We had to identify how our non profit clients could continue to do the following:

  1. Showcase their story & mission;
  2. Resonate with their communities in a world where physical events, galas and activations were prohibited;
  3. Maintain critical annual fundraising revenues;
  4. Maintain engagement with donors, sponsors & community partners.

This was when we decided to pivot – and quickly.

And so we immediately delved into learning everything we needed to know about the virtual fundraising event world, and how to maximize opportunities for our clients in this virtual fundraising event arena. We needed to think outside of the box of how we could keep non profits’ revenue engines running, whilst also keeping their communities active and engaged in a virtual space.

Within a short while, we realized that in every crisis lies opportunity. We began to have a much more positive outlook, and became immersed in the virtual event world – versing ourselves in all the virtual event terminology, potential obstacles and processes required to deliver for our clients. We became masters of this dominion, and were excited to take on the challenges of sharing our findings and new capabilities with our clients.

As we began to put on virtual events and fundraising activations, it came upon us that while physical events will always have a more engaging effect – after all, humans are a tactile species – virtual brought with it some interesting benefits. To name a few:

  • Wider Event Audience Reach. The wonders of the vast online network;
  • Lower Production Costs – fewer F&B costs or event venue rentals!
  • The ability to weave emotional connections through powerful storytelling in film.

With a lot of hard work and sheer passion, fused with will power, we were able to keep our clients’ fundraising causes at the forefront of their communities’ minds.

We realized that we weren’t going to let them down when they needed us most.

As a result, in many instances we helped our clients raise more money this past year than they had in their physical events of previous years, and continued to interact with the causes and communities at a strong level. Our team grew, with new, driven members coming on board to join our journey. We were beginning to adapt our business model as we went along, to great effect.

It was at this time that we realized that we had outgrown what our original mission statement was; we had crossed over into a new realm of creativity and thirst for supporting our clients.

It was time to reassess how we presented our services to the world. It was time to rebrand in order to reflect our metamorphosis.

We realized now, more than ever that, to our clients, we were more than an agency that supports event production, fundraising strategy and auctioneer, emcee, host & event talent. We were more than that; how we could serve them was akin to a planet orbiting their solar system; strong, constant, reliable. They were our true friends and partners, and we felt deeply moved and inspired by their fundraising missions, now more than ever. The opportunities weren’t limited in how we could help amplify their amazing missions. 

The opportunities were BOUNDLESS.

You see, serving clients is so important. But it is not the be all and end all. It is also the culture of care, of passion and of being by their side every step of the way, that we relish and embrace.

So we set about realigning our mission, vision and values. We rebranded to showcase what we can truly do for non profits. We worked so hard, and the results have been so heartening. After all, the better we do, the better our clients do. We recognize that powerful causes need powerful support. 

And so, we are now: Boundless – An Impact Agency.

In summary, we have:

  • A fancy new, easy-to-use website
  • Clearer, stronger and more effective sets of services to enhance our clients’ aims
  • A multi-skilled and experienced team to serve all our clients’ needs
  • A renewed drive, passion and optimism for what the future holds.

The world will open up again, and return to some semblance of normality. We are ready when it does. In the meantime, we will continue to be there for our clients in the virtual, hybrid and physical event worlds. We make it our mission to amplify theirs.

We would love to go into even more detail about all our new capabilities and changes, by why do that when our website is now proudly up and running? Or, you can simply pick up the phone or email us to learn more, and get a free consultation on how we can take your cause, your story, and your fundraising mission, to the next level!

We are excited by the prospect of continuing to do right by our non profits, of amplifying their story, and of maximizing every revenue opportunity. 

Our hearts are full, our desire to do good is invigorated, and our passion to help are BOUNDLESS.


We love to make a difference in people’s lives. Whether it’s relieving clients of stress, communicating with vendors, or cultivating relationships with causes or donors, we are passionate about creating personal connections in everything we do. Our approach is simple; first we listen, next we strategize, then we perform. We make an Impact.

We will always strive for perfection & unyielding compassion, driving ourselves and each other to be better. We will be persistent in this endeavor, and work as a team to achieve it. We will be quietly ambitious. After all, a person’s reach should exceed his grasp. We will always push ourselves to deliver creativity, awesome personal service, and unique ideas to meet our clients’ needs. We will always look to go above and beyond, and be at the forefront of new ideas. After all, research and discovery are the fuel of advantage.

Our culture is paramount to us. We support, encourage and challenge each other – to be caring, passionate and resourceful. We are a great cause that works for great causes.


Meaningful Interaction. Inspired purpose. Strategic Impact.


Through compassion, storytelling and the understanding of human generosity, we help non-profits showcase their mission, inspire engagement and amplify their voice. Our commitment is to create lasting impact.

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